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Advent resources from Damaris

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The winning video of the short-film competition The Nativity Factor has been announced. Featuring the familiar story retold by a beatboxing vicar, it will appear on the free Christmas Countdown Calendar as the final video from 24th December. You can view it (and the runners up) now at


The Christmas Countdown Calendar widget on the left displays a different thought-provoking video each day from 1st-24th December, featuring speakers such as Philip Yancey, Krish Kandiah, Anna Robbins and Nick Pollard. You can preview all the videos here. There is also a special video called The Real Jesus? that is permanently displayed in the second tab of the calendar.

Please use the embed code below to add this calendar to your site. We hope it will enable visitors to your site to think about the real meaning of Christmas and to engage with one of the most important stories ever.

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More Advent resources include:

You might also be interested in our Advent assemblies from

Naughty or Nice, with downloadable film clips
(Arthur Christmas)

As children begin wondering if they deserve a stocking full of presents or coal, this assembly will teach them about the Christian belief that Jesus gives us what we don't deserve. The assembly is suitable for Advent or Christmas.

Access this assembly (requires a subscription)

Worth the Wait
(Night at the Museum)

Pupils will think about the meaning of Advent. They will consider why people were waiting for Jesus to arrive and why Christians are now waiting for him to come back.

Access this assembly (available to everyone)

All I Want for Christmas

In this advent assembly pupils will reflect on the gifts they want to get for Christmas. Through clips from Coraline they will consider what makes a great gift and look at God’s gift of Jesus.

Access this assembly (subscribers only)

What Are You Waiting For?
(The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

Pupils will reflect on the season of Advent as a time when Christians look forward to Christmas, and how Jesus was the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah but did not necessarily meet the expectations of the people.

Access this assembly (subscribers only)

Advent Unwrapped

At Advent we are reminded that some presents surprise us by being even better than we expected.

Access this assembly (subscribers only)

Coming Soon...
(The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

Advent celebrates the coming of Jesus, in the past and in the future.


Access this assembly (subscribers only)

The Panda of Peace
(Kung Fu Panda)

At Advent, we look forward to the true meaning of Christmas


Access this assembly (available to everyone)

Waiting for the Light
(The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

At Advent Christians celebrate light and hope coming to a dark world.


Access this assembly (subscribers only)

A Christmas offer from Tools for Talks and a special Advent series from Deovox

Fancy showing some appreciation for your pastor or vicar? Why not buy them a year's subscription to Tools for Talks, our website for Christian speakers. A gift subscription to Tools for Talks provides complete access to a huge wealth of resources for anyone who speaks about Christian faith. This includes a database of quotes and illustrations drawn from the latest films, music, TV, etc, plus online access to Bible study tools. The site is a one-stop resource for anyone who is serious about teaching the message of the Bible in the language of contemporary popular culture.



You can also listen to our brand new Advent series of deovox, the free audio Bible study. This short devotional series will help you prepare for Christmas by looking at the beginning of John's gospel.

These verses contain some of the most profound theological statements about Christ's essence found anywhere in the Bible.

The series is available free as a podcast or download.

Movie Moments on The Way

Buy The Way from Amazon

The UK DVD release of The Way features our Movie Moments video as an extra. The Way is a thoughtful, spiritual film, featuring Martin Sheen as a bereaved father walking a pilgrimage trail after losing his son. You might consider giving the DVD as a Christmas gift, or watching it yourself with friends and using the Movie Moments extra to stimulate some discussion. You can buy the DVD from Amazon here, and preview or download the Movie Moments video here.

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You are also free to republish the 'Real Jesus?' video separately on your website or blog (see right).


Republish the 'Real Jesus' video on your website or blog using the following embed code:

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