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Peter S. Williams

Christian philosopher and apologist Peter S. Williams (MA, MPhil) is Assistant Professor in Communication and Worldviews at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, Norway. Peter also works with the UK Damaris Trust, leading philosophy conferences for A-level students and undertaking writing, speaking, debating and broadcasting engagements.

Peter has authored several books, including C.S. Lewis vs the New Atheists (Paternoster, 2013), A Faithful Guide to Philosophy (Paternoster 2013), Understanding Jesus: Five Ways to Spiritual Enlightenment (Paternoster, 2011) and A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism: God is Not Dead (Paternoster, 2009). He has been published by various websites (e.g.,, magazines (e.g. Philosophy Now, The Philosopher's Magazine) and Journals (Philosophia Christi, Think, Theofilos).

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‘Peter S. Williams [is] a very capable British apologist’
- Dr William Lane Craig


'one of Britain's brightest young philosophers.'
- Philip Vander Elst, author of C.S. Lewis: A Short Introduction

Books by Peter Williams

A Faithful Guide to Philosophy: An Introduction to the Love of Wisdom

'an invaluable text for Christians who wish to engage with philosophy.' - Dr Trevor Cooling

‘Williams' focus is well chosen and his arguments interesting and persuasive.’ – Dr William Lane Craig

‘makes the complex accessible and interesting, without distorting the issues.’ - Stefan Gustavsson

`Williams is a sure-footed guide to philosophy...' - Dr Daniel J. Hill

‘a highly accessible, stimulating introduction to logic, the nature of argument and philosophy written from a Christian perspective by an author who understands his subject and knows how to communicate it at the right level.’ - Professor John C. Lennox

‘an extremely well-researched book that is tightly argued, excellent in topic selection, deep in coverage yet readable in style. Williams had done a masterful job of producing a book that is now a must read for Christians who want to explore the intellectual underpinnings of their faith.’ - Dr J.P. Moreland

C.S. Lewis vs. the New Atheists

‘highly readable’ – Dr. David Glass, author of Atheism’s New Clothes

‘a savvy work of apologetics for our day.’ - Douglas Groothuis, Professor of Philosophy, Denver Seminary

'very helpful' - Prof. Alister McGrath

Understanding Jesus: Five Ways to Spiritual Enlightenment

'This book is a challenge to disbelief, and encourages renewed confidence in understanding the reality of Jesus today.' - Anna Robbins, Vice Principal and Senior Lecturer in Theology and Contemporary Culture, London School of Theology.

A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism

A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism: God is Not Dead

'a coherent, well-reasoned defence of Christian Theism that challenges the best atheist attacks.' - Dr. Gary R. Habermas

'Williams's reply to the emergence of militant public atheism is as timely as it is devastating.' - Dr. Angus J. Menuge

'It may be difficult to find another book on the new atheism that matches this one in scope, depth, analysis, clarity, and completeness.' - Brian Auten,

'Peter Williams shows that a carefully articulated, philosophically grounded faith is to the new atheism what hitting an iceberg was to the Titanic.' - Dr. William A. Dembski

'takes the arguments of "The New Atheists" to pieces.' - Dr. Robin Parry

I Wish I Could Believe In meaning

I Wish I Could Believe in Meaning: A Response to Nihilism

'Wonderfully insightful and encouraging.' - Dr. Angus J. Menuge

'a spirited attack on the supposed sufficiency of ontological (atheistic) naturalism…' - Professor Peter Hampton

'Very well written, it has a powerful (cumulative) argument… I hope it gets a wide circulation.' - Dr. Stuart McAllister

The Case For Angels

The Case for Angels

'a truly impressive and philosophically sophisticated case for the existence of angels and for the accuracy of the biblical portrayal of them.' - Dr. Gregory A. Boyd

'identifies the key stumbling blocks that render angels implausible to our intellectual elite and successfully refutes them... I commend this book.' - Dr. William A. Dembski

'quadruply outstanding: stylistically, philosophically, theologically, and in scholarship... engagingly readable… persuasively argued...' - Professor Peter Kreeft

The Case For God

The Case for God

'A scrupulous and wide ranging survey of the arguments for the existence of God…' - Rev'd Dr. Sir John Polkinghorne FRS

'This attractively written book… gives a good defence of the usefulness of reason and argument in support of Christianity.' - Michael Peat, Evangelicals Now

'A robust defence… from an evangelical but open point of view... There is an admirable breadth of learning and thought on offer here... He has interesting things to say on all these subjects.' - Rev'd Dr. Robert Ellis

Back In Time

Back in Time: A Thinking Fan's Guide to Doctor Who (co-author)

'Fascinating and intelligent - a must for anyone who's ever considered the why of Who' - Rob Shearman, Doctor Who scriptwriter

'This is a fun book for fans of the Doctor who want to go further into the programme's history, its trivia and its big questions of God, the Universe and what it means to be human.' - Dr. David Wilkinson, Principal St. John's College, Durham University

Matrix Revelations

Matrix Revelations: A Thinking Fan's Guide to the Matrix Trilogy (co-author)

'Complex and fascinating... best chewed over in bite sized chunks, and definitely worth savouring.' - Christian Herald

'Here is a book that intelligently and thoughtfully analyses the worldview of the Matrix trilogy.' - Brian Godawa, Hollywood screenwriter and author of Hollywood Worldviews

'This stimulating and challenging book enables us to identify and evaluate the multi-textured references through all three Matrix films.' - Rev'd Anthony Thacker, author of A Closer Look at Science Fiction

'A multi-faceted, rich, illuminating and serious exploration of the Matrix film trilogy, and the major ideas behind it. This book not only engages with the material in a helpful, Biblical and robust way but also avoids the temptation of reducing the films simply to sources of evangelistic illustrations.' - Mark Greene, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity


Peter also contributed chapters to each of the Talking About series of books (Damaris 2005/6)


Sample Talks Menu

Peter is happy to discuss the issues and audiences with which you'd like him to engage. He offers the following sample menu of talks with power point presentations. Peter is always happy to do Q&A.

Apologetics Training

  • Apologetics in 3D (Video)
    How understanding spirituality and classical rhetoric helps Christians obey 1 Peter 3:15
  • Understanding Faith and Reason
    A biblically and philosophically informed approach to truth, knowledge, faith and reason
  • That’s a Good Argument
    This conference, developed by Peter for school’s work with the Damaris Trust, teaches the basics of logical argumentation
  • Reasonable Faith? (Audio 1, 2, 3, 4)
    Lecture series interacting with William Lane Craig’s apologetics textbook Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics, third edition (Crossway, 2008)

Scientific Issues

  • Is Christianity Unscientific? (Audio)
    Christianity is pro-science, not anti-science
  • A Rough Guide to Creation (Paper)
    Guidance on how to think through the relationship between science and the doctrine of creation
  • Intelligent Design Theory (Audio)
    Explains and defends the three core claims of ID
  • How Atheists Defend Intelligent Design (Audio/Paper 1/Paper 2)
    Reviews how atheists agree with two of ID’s core claims

A Sceptic’s Guide to the New Atheism (Audio)

  • The Incoherence of the New Atheism (Paper)
    Exposes three contradictions at the heart of the ‘new atheism’ of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc.
  • The New Atheism vs. Natural Theology (Audio)
    Defends several arguments for God against critiques from Professor Richard Dawkins

The Case for God (Debate Audio)

  • Problems of Evil (Audio)
  • Nihilism vs. Meaning & Purpose (Audio)
  • The Moral Argument (Audio)
  • Design Arguments (Audio)
  • Cosmological Arguments
  • The Ontological Argument (Audio)

Understanding Jesus (Video)

These lectures form a series based on Peter’s book Understanding Jesus: Five Ways to Spiritual Enlightenment (Paternoster, 2011)

  • Evidence for Jesus from the Early Church Fathers (Audio)
  • The Reliability of the Canonical Gospels (Audio)
  • Archaeology & the Historical Reliability of the New Testament (Audio)
  • Jesus: Lunatic, Liar or Lord? (Audio)
  • David Hume & the Miracles of Jesus (Audio)
  • The Resurrection Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together (Audio)
  • Jesus and Fulfilled Prophecy (Audio)
  • Contemporary Christian Religious Experience
  • The Spirituality of Jesus

Engaging Media

  • Doctor Who: from Monsters to Messiah (Audio)
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence & the desire for heaven (Audio)


To contact Peter to discuss a booking, e-mail


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