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'For Secondary RE Lessons that are
engaging, enjoyable and effective'

RE Lessons Online has been written specifically to meet the needs of teachers, providing culturally up-to-date, active-learning resource material for Key Stage 4 Religious Education.

Our aim is for students to find the study of RE more stimulating, engaging and enjoyable. The modules which we provide cover the common core teaching about Christianity.

We have been running since 2001 and have over 650 lessons on the site for subscribers. New lessons are added regularly during term time. See sample lessons on our free showcase or subscribe now.


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Free RE lessons based on THE BIBLE series

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Latest Lessons:

(16 Apr 2014)

Theories to explain away the apparent death of Sherlock Holmes are compared with alternative explanations for the resurrection of Jesus.

(31 Mar 2014)

An on-stage magic act rights a wrong of social justice, and students consider whether big business and the wealthy have an obligation to help those in need rather than simply maximise profits.

(12 Mar 2014)

Sherlock’s withering cynicism during his best man’s speech prompts students to question the Christian understanding of marriage.

(5 Mar 2014)

Superman’s battle with fellow Kryptonians prompts debate over the plusses and minuses of having a sense of morality.