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Palm Sunday Sermon (09:00)
from Peter S Williams

G.K. Chesterton & C.S. Lewis (73:27)
from Peter S Williams

Paul in Athens (28:05)
from Peter S Williams

Who did Jesus think he was? (32:24)
from Peter S Williams

The Historicity of Daniel (24:47)
from Peter S Williams

Podcasts  »  Peter S Williams   (Updated 1 week ago)

Peter S. Williams: a Damaris speaker.

If you are interested in booking Peter to speak at an event please look at Peter's Damaris Speaker page.

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  • Palm Sunday Sermon     09:00   14th Apr 14   Download

    Palm Sunday Sermon on Matthew 21:1-11, from the 8 am service at Highfield Church, Southampton.

  • G.K. Chesterton & C.S. Lewis     73:27   3rd Apr 14   Download

    Discussion followed by Q&A with Dale Ahlquist, president and co-founder of the American Chesterton Society, on the relationship between G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis. Hosted by the Aquinas Centre in the Waldegrave Drawing Room in St. Mary's University, Twickenham, 1st April 2014.

  • Paul in Athens     28:05   3rd Apr 14   Download

    Talk on the apostle Paul looking at his famous speech in Athens and how Paul had gone from persecutor of Christians to Christian preacher. This talk was given at the 2014 'Reasonable Faith?' course at Highfield Church, Southampton.

  • Who did Jesus think he was?     32:24   3rd Apr 14   Download

    This talk focuses upon what Jesus' miracles say about his self-image. Given at the 2014 'Reasonable Faith?' course at Highfield Church, Southampton.

  • The Historicity of Daniel     24:47   3rd Mar 14   Download

    Talk from the 2014 'Reasonable Faith?' course at Highfield Church, Southampton.

  • Calling the New Atheist's Bluff - Q&A time     53:50   3rd Mar 14   Download

    Q&A time at Surrey University

  • Calling the New Atheist's Bluff     57:11   17th Feb 14   Download

    Lecture at Surrey University.

  • Comparing Creation Myths     27:49   4th Feb 14   Download

    My first talk at the current 'Reasonable Faith?' course at Highfield Church, Southampton.

  • Luke 2:25-35: Simeon in the Temple     10:16   4th Feb 14   Download

    Candlemass sermon from the 8am service at Highfiled Church Southampton.

  • Is the New Atheism a blind faith?     58:05   24th Jan 14   Download

    Talk with Q&A at Essex University.

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