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All material on the Culturewatch website is copyrighted by the author(s). You may freely use the material in discussion groups (including printing and copying it). However you may not republish any material from this site (e.g. in a printed magazine or on a website) without permission (see below).

You are, of course free to quote from the material on the site as you would be free to quote from any other published document. Any quotations should be properly attributed to the author and to Such quotations must be of reasonable length and, in particular, must consist of substantially less than the complete web page (or the text on the page).

It may be possible for you to republish material from Culturewatch subject to meeting certain requirements. Republishing our material is possible in two ways:


In free publications

Damaris will usually grant the right for a non-profit organisation to republish any four items from Culturewatch (articles, study guides and videos) on any free publication such as a church magazine or free-access website.

Please contact us to seek permission to do this.

If you're publishing on a website, the specific four items that are republished can be changed at any time, but at any point there must be no more than four republished on any website.

Publication should include the following acknowledgement and the Culturewatch logo (available below):

This article was first published on Damaris' Culturewatch website ( - used with permission.
Copyright Name (with appropriate date)

In paid-for publications

If you wish to republish some of the Culturewatch material in a paid-for publication (such as :

  • Contact us: tell us where you plan to republish it (the name and circulation of the publication). Please also give us your email address.

  • We will then pass this on to the author who will reply to you, either agreeing for you to re-publish it (specifying a fee) or declining your request.

  • If you then publish the item you must include this acknowledgement and the Culturewatch logo:

    This article was first published on Damaris' Culturewatch website ( - used with permission.
    Copyright Name (with appropriate date)

    See below for Culturewatch logos 

  • In the case of printed material, send one copy of the publication to the author and one to the Damaris office


Note that lack of response to a request does not constitute granting of permission to use copyright material since we cannot guarantee the efficiency or reliability of electronic or other means of communicating with us. Unless you have received explicit permission from Damaris to use the material you must assume that it has not been granted.


Logo - screen resolution

Please email us to tell us where you've put the link on your website.

Here is the Culturewatch logo for using to link to us from your website. The html code is immediately below the logo. You should copy this and paste it into the appropriate place in one of your web pages. You may copy a logo to your own site and change the source reference but please make sure it really is linked to the Culturewatch home page.

Click here for the Damaris website

<a href="">
   <img src=""
    width="100" height="66" border="0"
   alt="Click here for the Culturewatch website" target="_blank">

Logo - print resolution

A Culturewatch logo suitable for using in print is available in two formats: as an Adobe Illustrator file or as a large TIFF. Right-click on one of the links below and select 'Save Link As...' or 'Save Target As...':