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Academy AwardŽ winner Russell Crowe stars as Noah, in this film inspired by the biblical story of courage, sacrifice and hope.

Also starring Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins, Noah is directed by the visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. In UK cinemas 4th April.

Damaris is delighted to provide free resources for a wide range of community groups, all built around clips from the film.


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Thinking Film are short features that enable people of any background to engage with issues raised by the film, using clips from the film to introduce relevant concepts and explore different perspectives.

The World in our Care?

Cleansing or Consuming?

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The Leader's Guide is an essential companion for all our resources.

Providing all you need to put on an event around the film (for a few friends or a large group) it contains template posters, invitations, themed recipes, quizzes, discussion questions and background information. It is available for download as a pdf or you can request a free printed book with a DVD of all the resources.

The Leader's Guide is suitable for all different types of community groups. We also provide Supplementary Resources for Churches who want to delve more deeply into the spiritual issues raised by the film.

These short videos are ideal for use in church services, school assemblies and other inspirational events.

For suggestions on how to use these and other videos in a church context, see our Tools for Talks illustrations.



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#Noah Free official resources to make the most of this biblical blockbuster at @ParamountUK

Supplementary Resource for Churches

Additional questions and biblical reflections appropriate for use by churches.

This supplementary resource enables churches to help people engage with the spiritual issues in the film.

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Free Illustrations on Tools for Talks

Ideal for use within the faith community (particularly by church leaders and other speakers), these downloadable clips come complete with background information and suggestions for use. 

Film & Bible Blog article for Churches

An article to help people think about ideas and issues raised by Noah in relation to the Bible. This also includes a few questions for reflection to supplement the Leader's Guide.

Special Information for the Faith Community

Many ask us how the film Noah relates to the biblical story, so we are delighted to provide a special message concerning this - including quotes from key people and an interview with the director.

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Vox Pops from Church Leaders

This vox pops video of reactions from Christian leaders to Noah is available to download and republish using the links on the right.


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